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Make a real talking point of your masterpiece with our bespoke framing service. Take your pick from our comprehensive collection of frame styles and colours.


Framing does not just make your images look spectacular but also protects them from dust, dirt and the usual wear and tear. The non-reflective glass we use offers 70% UV protection for anything you choose to display behind it whilst also reducing over 90% of reflections to make it look as though there is no glass at all!


We don't just frame photographs, we'll frame anything, including:

  • Original Artwork and Prints

  • Sports Memorabilia

  • Embroidery

  • Ceramic Poppies

  • Medals

  • Mirrors

  • Conservation Framing

  • Jigsaw Puzzles

 Picture framing, a range of mould styles and colours, display sample chevrons mounted on wall
Frame chevron samples, bold abstract colours

Mounting Options

We offer mount boards in a range of thicknesses and colours. The following are our standard/most popular mount colours, however other colours, including hand-painted mounts, are available on request.

We can cut mount apertures to fit any requirements, including separate windows for individual photographs or information (as seen in the framed examples on this page).


All mount board we use is acid free, conservation quality to protect your images or artwork. Dry mounting is also available to keep images flat if required.


Bright White


Pale Ivory

Glass Options

Choose between our glass types, the non-reflective glass we use offers 70% UV protection for your artwork and prints whilst removing over 90% of reflections, making it appear as though there is no glass at all!



Comparison of regular glass (left) and non-reflective glass (right).

Sports Memorabilia

We frame all kinds of sport memorabilia, including:

  • Football Shirts

  • Football Boots

  • Cricket Bats

  • Event/Match Tickets/Programs

  • Team Photographs

Display your sports memorabilia in a bespoke frame, choose from our wide selection of mouldings and mount colours, even choose to match your favourite teams colours!

Showcased on this page is a small selection of sports memorabilia framed to our customers specifications:

Medals/Tower of London Poppy Boxes

Frame your ancestors medals in style for future generations to enjoy in a unique display built around your requirements. Our ceramic poppy box frames also serve as a poignant tribute to those who fought for our freedom (to see more of our poppies click here).


Include your own personal artefacts such as photographs restored through our 'Repair My Picture' service.

Framed World War I Medals

Framed World War I Medals

Framed World War I medals with a restored photograph of the soldier who had been awarded them.

Framed Medals/Restored Photograph

Framed Medals/Restored Photograph

Another example of personal history framed, with the soldiers restored portrait surrounded by the medals he was awarded.

Ceramic Poppy Frame

Ceramic Poppy Frame

Contemporary black box frame, designed for Tower of London ceramic poppies. See more from our poppy framing service at:

Personalised Ceramic Poppy box

Personalised Ceramic Poppy box

A personalised version of our Tower of London ceramic poppy box. Customised to feature a families own memories of an individual soldier.

We'll Frame Anything!

Over the years we have framed all kinds of items. From beloved teddy bears to broken pipes with most things in between! Framing is not just for artwork but also for showing off your memories.


Our bespoke box frames are designed to accommodate almost anything in a stunning display.

Burst Pipe - Box Framed

Burst Pipe - Box Framed

A jovial commemoration to the culprit of a damaging flood. Guaranteed to make a talking point on any wall.

Lake District 3D Map Frame

Lake District 3D Map Frame

3D contour map of the Lake District framed within a deep white box frame.

Lake District 3D Map Frame

Lake District 3D Map Frame

3D contour map of the Lake District framed within a deep white box frame.

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